Collaboration, socialisation and interaction between employees is important in the business world. And there’s one thing that every company can do to allow their staff a sense of belonging in the work place: the social club. Aly McNicoll of the New Zealand Mentoring Centre has said, ‘Organisations that choose to organise or promote social clubs are making a gesture in creating an environment where people have a sense of belonging and a friendly place to work.” They are also instrumental in increasing connectedness as Aly comments that, “they create more trust and open communication.”

If you’re a new hire and wanting to break the ice, there is no easier way than to get acquainted with your colleagues outside of office hours, away from deadlines and instead focused purely on enjoying a fun social activity.

Whether you’re in a large business or a smaller start up, it’s possible to implement a social club.

If you’re in a big company, put a committee of staff in charge of scheduling and planning out the events for the year. If you’re a smaller business, you can easily put forward ideas to the whole team and arrange for votes on the next activity.

Worried about the cost?

You can pull off a successful social club without hurting your back pocket. One option is deciding on a fee that is automatically removed from your pay check to cover social club activities. You can also have it optional for employees to pay double to bring their partner along to the events.

Stuck on ideas?

We’ve listed a few epic ones to help get you started:


1. Gather your work mates to cheer on New Zealand or local teams at sports games .

2. Get in touch with nature on day walks, surf lessons, stand up paddling or kayaking .

3. Keep your taste-buds happy with cooking classes, wine tasting, themed dinners or trying new restaurants around town.

4. Have competitive team spirit for charity fun runs, tenpin bowling, mini golf or trivia nights.

5. Indulge in arts and culture with cinema nights, concerts, theatre or the ballet.

6. Get everyone’s heart racing with adrenalin pumping adventures.

We have compiled a list of activities for each of these cities, but it is only the beginning.

Most of these and more can be found in your own city or a nearby region of New Zealand. Use this guide as a starting point for brainstorming what you’d like to do with your work social club.


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